Coyote Interactions

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Bobcat attacks dog and man in Anthem July 2017

One year old boy bitten boy bitten by Coyote July 2017

Coyote Attack Claims Family’s dachshund. June 2017

Coyote attacks dog in driveway. June 2017

Coyotes kill 3 dogs June 2017

Coyote attacks girl in Scottsdale park May 2017

Mountain lion stalks family in Prescott April 2017

Mountain Lion snatchs dog from sleeping owners bedroom April 2017

4 people attacked by bobcat in Sedona Jan 2017

Coyote Management Program in Chicago?

Fisherman Fights Off Coyote In Spotswood, NJ

Irvine Neighborhood Nervous After Coyote Attacks Toddler

2 coyotes fatally attack female hiker in eastern Canada

Coyote kills family dog in northwest Phoenix gated community

Phoenix woman saves dog from coyote attack

3 bitten in 24 hours in Peoria coyote attacks

Feed Wile E. Coyote, risk a fine!! 

85 year old man, bitten by coyote, is back on the golf course

New coyote attacks hit Green Valley 

Small boy bitten by coyote

Coyotes enjoy the good life in expensive neighborhoods

Coyotes killing relocated SoCal tortoises

Coyote attacks on rise in L.A. suburbs

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 Member video of Coyote Harvest

Coyote attacks dog on leash in Burlington – warning graphic!

Coyotes roaming for “rabbits” in downtown NYC


Coyote attacks in New Jersey click to view


Man Fights Off Three Coyotes, Survives -warning graphic!

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

Killer Coyotes on the Loose

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

Coyotes attack on my neighbor’s cat

Coyote Attack – Graphic – Coyotes attack dog in Fountain Valley California

Whitetail Buck attacked and killed by Coyotes

Coyote stalks and starts going in for attack on elderly lady and dog

Teen Fights Off Coyote Attack<

Spokane man captures coyote attack on video

Coyote Attacks, Kills Great Dane In Newington

Coyote kills Cat

Coyotes Kill Cats, Injure Dogs In Marina


Diets of Coyotes near the Boundary of Saguaro National Monument and Tucson, Arizona

Spatial and Temporal Variation in the Diet of Coyotes in the Chicago Metro Area

A History of Urban Coyote Problems

A Review of Successful Urban Coyote Management Programs Implemented to Prevent or Reduce Attacks on Humans and Pets in Southern California

Bad Dogs Why Do Coyotes and Other Canids Become Unruly

Coyote Attacks An Increasing Suburban Problem

How Misinformation Fosters Urban Human-Coyote Conflicts

Sheep killing coyotes a continuing dilemma for ranchers

The Current Regulatory Environment of Urban Coyote Control –A Private WCO Perspective