Member Harvest and Award Results

Hunt awards

Hunt record

Hunt records needs to be filled out by all APC members every year to win awards! Plus we submit our harvest numbers to Game and Fish for conservation efforts! Please fill them out!. If you want a hunt record in Excel: Request for Excel Spreadsheet

Hunt record instructions:

Class: Hunter class criteria

Novice: A new member. Has called in and harvested 0, 1, or 2 predators. Novice is NOT a “Hunter” class.  The member is brand new to predator calling and hasn’t earned a “Hunter” class at this point. A member must first become a Hunter in order to Earn a “Hunter” class!

Hunter (the Apprentice):  Has fulfilled all Novice requirements and demonstrated the learned skill of a caller by calling in and harvesting three (3) predators (any of the five predator species) from three (3) different stands. A double or triple at one stand counts as one.

Caller (the Journeyman):  Has fulfilled all Hunter requirements and has called in and harvested at least 15 predators from at least two (2) of the five (5) predator species. We are the Arizona Predator CALLERS.  The coveted title of “CALLER” is earned. A caller has demonstrated that they have learned the needed skill set to locate, call to the stand and harvest predators.

Expert Caller:  Has fulfilled all Caller requirements, has been an APC member for at least one-year, and has called in and harvested at least 30 predators from at least three (3) of the five predator species.

Master Caller:  Has fulfilled all Expert Caller requirements and has called in and harvested all five (5) predator species.Predator Species: Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, Mountain Lion and Bear.

Hunt Year: Is from April 1 to March 31 (2015 – 2016)

Date: Date taken


GF – Gray Fox                         RF – Red Fox

C – Coyote                              BC – Bobcat

ML – Mountain Lion                 B – Bear

O – All other fur bearers.  In the notes section identify specie.

Sex:  M – Male  F – Female  U – Unknown

Called By: Whole name or first initial and last name of the person who called it in

Shot By: Whole name or first initial and last name of the person that harvested it

Witness: Whole name or first initial and last name of a person that was with you. If hunting by yourself, you will need to take a picture of what you harvested.

Taken With: What was used to harvest the predator

GMU#: The Arizona Game Management Unit number (this is to report to G&F)

 Call Used:   E – Electronic H – Hand/Mouth

Caller Points: See table for points for called in and harvested predators.

Shooter Points: See table for points.

*Predators harvested that were not called, will still count towards Shooter Points only.

Year to Date: Accumulation of your points



 Specie  First Called Points  Subsequent Called Points Each  Shooter Points
 Lion  100  25  2
 Bear  75  25  2
 Bobcat  50  25  2
 Coyote  10  10  2
 Fox and all    other fur bearers  5  5  2